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About Us

Bikeskills is the culmination of many years of experience, observations, and planning. While one of Bikeskills’ objectives is to teach cyclists to ride better, ride safer, and get there faster, that’s just part – a small part – of the big picture we see. In that big picture we see kids (and adults as well) that are not as healthy and active as they could and should be.

Bikeskills and Action Sports

Statistics make clear that interest and participation in so-called main-stream sports such as baseball, basketball, and football are in decline. However, Interest and participation is shifting into one of two quite different areas: passive ones like video games, and active ones like actions sports that include snow boarding, surfing, and of course, cycling. It’s pretty clear to us which one of those areas is at least part of the health problem. It’s equally clear to us which one can and needs to play a big role in the solution.

Our focus at Bikeskills is cycling. And our goal is to help cyclists of all ages get more out of their cycling related experiences. We are confident that when people rider better, safer, and faster, they’ll do it often, and do it for a lifetime; and that means a lifetime of health benefits both above and below the neck!

Providing the Skills to Ensure the Thrills

In addition to the health focus, some time ago we realized something odd about cycling in general, and the more skills based segments (like trials, jumping, and trail riding) in particular: there wasn’t any organized, standardized, truly professional training or instructional programs. Unlike skiing, or even the very new sport of kite boarding, there weren’t professionals or professional organizations dedicated to ensuring people got the most out of their expensive gear, limited time, and did so in the safest manner to ensure they had the most fun. That’s when we decided we had to create Bikeskills: Better, Safer, and get there Faster!

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