Take a Clinic From a World Champion!

by robhoward on March 6, 2010

Those who can do. Those who can do and can teach do so at Bikeskills. World Champion Joe Lawwill continues to win professional races in cross country, all-mountain “Super D” and Downhill categories. As one of the most experienced professional instructors on the planet, there’s simply no one more qualified, more experienced, or simply better to take a clinic from than Joe Lawwill. Read on for more!


There’s Simply No Doubt About it: Greatness on Two Wheels Runs in the Family!

Before talking about Joe Lawwill and his life-long involvement with things two-wheeled, you have to first start with Joe’s father, Mert Lawwill,  lengendary motorcycle racer, the star of the film On Any Sunday and the only person elected to both the Motorcycle and Mountain Biking Halls of Fame.  


What makes Joe Lawwill uniquely qualified and effective instructor is a rare combination of skills and experience.Sure, he’s  a world class rider. Of course he’s taught thousands at clinics ranging from cross country to downhill. But few people know that Joe is also one of the most trusted sources of product feedback in mountain biking; and that’s why he’s worked with the likes of Trek, FOX Racing, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Intense Cycles and others – not to mention being the author of many “How To” articles in countless cycling magazine articles… and of course there’s his staring role in many a Bikeskills instructional video.  Add it all up and you have a Bikeskills instructor: a complete professional.

In fact, watch in the video below. Notice how Joe breaks things down to the essentials? Points out common problems and how to correct them?  And of course, if you’re going to watch some one demostrate a skill, having flawless technique is a plus as well…



That’s right: now is the time to take your riding to a higher level. Sign-up for a clinic with one of cycling’s most qualified, respected, professional instructors!


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