Check out these Two Kindred Spirits!

by robhoward on February 23, 2010

Kenny Roberts on the legendary Yamaha TZ750 on the left and Jon Sigerman on a Santa Cruz Bullit on the right. Two very different men and paths, but two men that can inspire us all.


The  Yamaha TZ750: 300 pounds. 200 Horsepower. 0-60 MPH… Now.

If you know anything about the sport of Flat Track racing, then you know “King”Kenny Roberts is. And whether it excites or scares you to think about it, you know about the Yamaha TZ750 that Kenny Roberts rode from last place to first place at the 1975 Indy Mile. As King Kenny says in the video “they don’t pay me enough to ride this thing” the TZ750 was a handful for even the most skilled set of hands on the planet,  his own.


34 Years Later, Social Security Aged Kenny Roberts Rides the TZ Again
In the words of Bikeskills Joe Lawwill, himself a former professional motorcycle racer(son of the Mert Lawwill who raced against against Kenny and the TZ750 in the 1975 Indy Mile) said “I didn’t believe it [the video] when I first saw it… I thought it was some kind of trick… but then when I thought about it, thought about Kenny Roberts, I realized that it’s the only way he’d do it… full-on, all the way… that’s how he did things, does things, that’s who he is…”

Personally, I had a hard time at first imagining anyone – let alone someone in their 60s – doing what Kenny did. But the more I thought about it, I was left with a meta-message: this is the sort of thing we can all do more of whether it’s with our cycling, our relationships, careers, you name it.


The Santa Cruz Bullit: 30 Plus Pounds of Pure Pedal Pounding Pleasure 

Jon’s choice of two-wheeled beasts shifts the power from a motorcycle’s engine to a man’s heart, legs and lungs. Like Kenny, Jon is in his 60s. Jon has another challenge: he wears a heart pacemaker. And like Kenny, Jon’s more than up to the challenge as you’ll see in his video below. 


Jon “Sick Air” Sigerman Telling it as He Still Sees Things


Too Close to Call: BIKESKILLS Crowns Kenny and Jon Both as Champions!

Kenny and his friends on the left. Jon and his posse on the right. Sure, it’s an apples and oranges comparison – when it comes to the bikes. But, the real comparison is the one you should make about what you’re doing right now, how you’re going to be like Kenny and Jon when you’re their age. And we’re not just talking about on your bike, but in your community, with your family, friends – the whole deal. Just like Kenny and Jon.

And if you’re their age – or older – and have a story to tell, send it our way and we’ll do what we can so you too can help inspire the rest of us!


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