BIKESKILLS Jumping Video Reaches Elusive Platinum View Level

by robhoward on March 27, 2010

Getting One Million Views on YouTube Really is a Big Deal!

While it took a while, one of our BIKESKILLS instruction videos just hit the 1,000,000 view mark! To be honest, we’re happy not just because one of our videos accomplished something that only 1 out of every 15,000 or so mountain biking videos submitted to YouTube accomplish, but also that viewers appreciate our approach – which is all about the mainstream mountain biker.

The BIKESKILLS Video That Made the Million Mark First:


Talk About a Tough Climb: The Road to One Million
Total Views: 1,000,241 (27 March 2010)

Ironically, the video’s first year’s views weren’t all that impressive. Maybe good things come to those who wait!

Getting to One Million Views was neither fast nor easy.  And while there’s no guaranteed formula for success, it certainly helps to keep your audience in mind when you’re planning your video production, editing, and release.

Interestingly enough, it took almost two years to reach 100,000 views. Over the past two years, the view rate doubled then doubled again adding another 900,000 views to reach the one million mark.

Stayed tuned for the whole story on how we came up with the video idea, how it almost didn’t happen when Chris Duncan’s wheel was stolen, a three-day-long storm rained out the first location, and how film maker Thor Wixom, who just happened to be in Los Angeles at the time, literally saved the day and made it all come together.


Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley Becomes a Bikeskills Jumping Student!
World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist skier, Jonny Moseley, was so impressed with the Bikeskills Jumping video, Mr “Big Air” himself had to give it a go with Duncan!


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