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by robhoward on October 25, 2010

Point of View, or POV, video cameras have gone from “what’s that thing on that guy’s helmet” a few years ago, to an every day, every rider accessory. We sit down with GoPro’s Travis Pynn, to learn a bit more about the phenomena and what we can expect to see in the future out of GoPro.

Why is the man laughing? Because he has a dream job; that’s why!

Travis Pynnn is a former professional mountain biker. Back in the day, Travis was mixing it up with the likes of Bikeskills Joe Lawwill and other NorCal pros. But these days Travis can be found either at GoPro’s Half Moon Bay offices cooking up new ideas and applications for GoPro, or, in the field, sampling his own cooking. Hook up a few GoPros to a Formula One car? Sounds good. How about putting a bunch of GoPros on Fat Albert, the Blue Angels C130 support plane… that would be cool. Send a GoPro up in the RC helicopter you designed and built yourself? All in a day’s work for the uber creative, high-energy Travis Pynn.


New Skooler Lays it out to a Master From the Old School

Walt Denson has been capturing stunning images for most of his 56 years and doing so professionally for over 30.  And while Walt knows a thing or two about cameras and optical physics, he’s the first to admit that there’s a lot to learn in this new world of Happy Snappers and low-cost, tiny HD video cameras. Here Travis lets loose with his first of many lessons we’ll be gettting from Travis and the folks at GoPro.


So what Kind of Video Quality Can one of These Little $299 Devices Shoot?

One of the most difficult things for an old school photographer and or film cameraman to accept is that these new, low-cost, HD video cameras shoot in the same, 1080p, HD format that cameras costing 100 times as much do. We’re not saying that a $299 pocket sized cameras is as good as, has the feature set of, a $250,000 or more professional video camera, but in the right hands, you can get video that will astound even veteran professionals. Check this bike video out and see for yourself: It was shot, 100%, with GoPro’s cameras.
Can They Take Still Images Too?

As is the case with video, in the right hands, connected to the right eyes, these little waterproof, combination video and still cameras can take some really fine images. Above, Walt Denson captures an early morning surf session at Bolinas California with his GoPro.

Stayed tuned as we’ll be providing updates on how to get the most out of your POV cameras!


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