Scott “The MB” Goes Global in his Failblog Video

by robhoward on October 29, 2010


Keep your eyes on the Yellow Jacket! We weren’t sure if people would take our Santa Cruz “testimonial” video the right way. Sure, we know it’s all in good fun – even “The MB” himself thinks it’s funny and all in good fun but… In any event, it looks like people from the US, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Malaysia and more all agree: The MB rules.


To Russia with Love

One of the first internatiaonal sites to upload and share The MB’s video was this Russian site, TwentySix (  Didn’t think the Russians had a sense of humor; apparently they do.


The MB Goes Exotic on BikePusher in Penang Malaysia

Malaysia is well known for its beauty and exotic location – and of course epic surfing conditions. But there’s also a strong, core, local mountain biking scene there. Apparently they dig The MB there too.


Could it be? Even the Scandanavians Have Emotions? Experience Humor?

Yes, it would appear that the mighty Danes have the ability and willingness to laugh as well. The good folks at Cykel Galleri had hundreds of MB views. And given Denmark’s tiny population, The MB might be as famous as Lady Gaga there.


If There’s “The Most Serious” Country Out There, Germany Must be up There…

Once again, The MB disarms uptight and comes out alright. German cyclists proclaim “”das MB ist erstaunlich!”


Of Course the People Who Brought us Monty Phython Dig The MB

Mpora is the UK’s most popular action sports website. And you’d expect them to be hosting The MB, and they are.


So What’s Next for The MB?

We know that The MB is a surfer and windsurfer…. Stay tuned for more MB antics and remember: if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re missing out.


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