Jason Van Horn: Portland Manager, Web Manager, Instructor

Jason Van HornJason is a PMBI certified skills instructor with over 5 years of experience teaching mountain biking with Bikeskills. Now located in Portland, Oregon, Jason is our Web Marketing Manager and comes to us with a broad range of skills and experiences under his belt. He has years of experience wrenching and selling mountain bikes, and is a freelance photographer and writer that contributes to a number of cycling publications.

During a stint traveling and teaching Trail Building Schools and Workshops as an instructor for the International Mountain Biking Association, he traveled the greater part of the west with Inga Beck, teaching sustainable trail building and riding trails from Texas to Saskatoon along the way. A trail rider at heart, on the rare occasion he lines up at the starting line, he competes at an expert level, but would rather ride jumpy flow trails in the woods with his buddies any day.


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Inga Beck – Marketing Manager, Instructor

inga beckInga lives for the weekend when she is free to explore new technical trails, park and shuttle runs, and urban riding. During the week she works as the marketing coordinator at Velotech/ Western Bikeworks in Portland, Oregon. In addition to her addiction to bikes, she loves traveling, road trips, yoga, rock climbing, and fashion.

During a stint traveling and teaching Trail Building Schools and Workshops as an instructor for the International Mountain Biking Association, she traveled the greater part of the west with Jason Van Horn, teaching sustainable trail building and riding some of the most choice trails from Texas to Saskatoon along the way. She is a certified Personal Trainer and understands the value of exercise, nutrition and alternative medicine. She’s volunteered with the BTCEB as their Membership Coordinator and helps lead the monthly women’s only “Ride Like a Girl” group ride. Inga’s thrilled on how much her riding and technical skills have progressed over the last couple of years. She’s progressed so much that she now assists with teaching clinics and was asked to join the local branch of the Luna Chix. She’s excited to share her knowledge and help get more people psyched, but most of all comfortable and confident on their bikes.

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Bob Loeffler

Bob first threw a leg over a mountain bike in 1989 and it was love at first ride. Although he’s done a fair amount of racing, Bob found his mountain bike niche in epic rides and advocacy. He put both passions together as president of a premier mtb club in Southern California for 7 years where he saw a need for teaching the basics of mountain biking, not only to promote the sport but to keep riders and other trail users safe and happy on the dirt. He created the New Rider Day program to get folks riding and enjoying the trails through a combination of skills, etiquette, equipment selection and maintenance.

Whether you are brand new to the sport, or you’ve been struggling to “get the hang of it” for a while, come out for a day of informative fun and personal instruction and leave stoked for your next safer, faster and “funner” ride.


Jason Liebrecht SoCal/Web Manager, Instructor

Jason has been on two wheels as far back as he can remember, starting on BMX bikes. He’s traveled across North America to ride in some pretty cool areas from Florida to British Columbia. Riding has been a huge part of his life and he greatly enjoys teaching others to ride as well. As one of the first IMBA Level II Certified Instructors Jason brings his years of experience and honed teaching techniques to provide our students a good foundation to start from, or further improve experienced riders existing skills.

When Jason isn’t on his mountain bike, he’s on his motorcycles. He has raced and placed third with his team in the Baja 500. And a few years back he rode his BMW 1150GS to the Arctic Circle from San Diego, and back. He also partners up with Alison to advocate bicycling in San Diego, events with SDMBA, and getting ready for the Tour de Fat.

His perspective is ‘The more people I teach how to ride well, the more people I have to ride with! If people ride safely and confidently, everyone has a good time’.




Mikey Haderer – Instructor

Mike Haderer If you’re familiar with gravity racing, you’re likely to have seen Mikey around, as his smiling face is a staple on the U.S. mountain bike race circuit. (click here for an interview with Mikey on


Bikeskills Alumni


Joe Lawwill

about Joe A former Masters DH World Champion that has spent a decade on the professional mountain bike tour learning not just skills, but more importantly things like discipline, dedication, and perhaps most important of all, wisdom. Joe’s a unique combination of results, experience and time coupled with his ability to reflect, relate, and translate has transformed Joe the Racer into Joe the Teacher.

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Jiro Nakamura

about Jiro

Bikeskills instructor Jiro Nakamura has competed in virtually every form of mountain competition, from grueling enduro races in Europe to skill-intensive World Cup downhill events. Jiro has developed instructional programs for several cycling organizations, including the cycling team at UC Berkeley, his alma mater.



Mark Weir

Mark is one of the most well rounded riders in the world today. He’s equally at home setting downhill course records, as he is wearing out the competition during grueling 24 hour marathon events. But what Mark really lives for is to is spend countless hours just plain riding his bike, right here in Marin County; the birthplace of mountain biking. Whether you want to fine tune your bike and body, or just tune in to a higher level of appreciation for the sport and lifestyle of mountain biking, Mr. Versatility has you covered.



Jackie Baker

Jackie has been riding bikes for 12 years and has raced for about that long as well. She started out as a cross country racer, but became addicted to gravity in 2005. Since then, she’s been dedicated to improving her own riding skills and getting more girls stoked on riding downhill. As a former PSIA Level II ski instructor, Jackie focuses on straightforward and logical skills progressions on the bike to help riders develop solid foundations that will enable them to reach their mountain biking goals. Jackie is based out of Salt Lake City, UT, but also conducts clinics in western Colorado and other Rocky Mountain locations throughout the spring and summer.



Brian Lopes

World Champion Dual slalom and 4Cross racer, Brian Lopes has won almost every title there is to win in his disciplines in mountain biking.
For anyone to be able to accomplish so much you have to have some serious skills. You don’t win titles by getting lucky, you do it with smart riding and lots of skills. The lucky ones are you, because Brian has agreed to do a limited number of training camps through Bikeskills. Brian is still a full time racer so his time is limited. To find out about joining Brian for a clinic send us an email with what sort of skills your looking for and we will line it up.




Leigh Donovan

As a former Professional World Downhill Champion and 10 time US National Champion Leigh has been exposed to it all aspects of riding and racing. In 1982 Leigh fell in love with bike racing when she raced her 1st BMX race and after 9 years of BMX she fell in love once again when she entered her first Mountain Bike race in 1992. Leigh has had tremendous success with results but she feels her ability to encourage and inspire others is her greatest strength.