The Bikeskills SESSIONS Clinics Are Back!

by robhoward on February 18, 2010

Ready to take your riding to the next level? Are you a solid trail rider who’d like to learn how to tackle rock gardens, steeper descents, negotiate tight chutes and more? Well we’ve got just the clinic and place for you: The Bikeskills SESSIONS Clinics at the Rockville Bike Park in Fairfield CA! Check our March Schedule for dates and times for these two-hour, focused skill builder clinics! Read on to check out the venue…


The Bikeskills SESSIONS Clinic Venue: Rockville Bike Park, Fairfield, CA (NorCal)

If there’s one thing Rockville is best known for, it’s… rocks! Here Jiro demonstrates world class skills in one of the best rock garden training areas we’ve ever found. You may not be able to see it in the photo, but Jiro is about to float over a square edged rock area that not only impresses the students every time, but is something that he teaches them leaving them even more amazed with their new found skills and the confidence they bring.


60 year-old Henry proves that you’re never too old to learn new skills. Rockville has chutes that range from mild to wild. Henry said that before the clinic, he simply wouldn’t have known what to do in a situation like this – let alone try it. After a bit of instruction, a couple of demonstrations by Jiro, Henry demonstrated a level of terrain mastery he thought simply wasn’t going to happen in his lifetime.


UC David Physicist, Steve Ixquiac, enters “the slot.” If you’ve ridden Rockville, then you know the slot is one of those terrain challenges that is complicated and requires combining several skills.  Jiro has structured the Rockville SESSIONS clinics in a way by the time you get to the Slot, you’ll be ready to combine the skills he has been teaching to tackle and slay the rock, something that very, very few even experienced Rockville riders can do.


How about this Terrain Challenge? How many times have you been tempted to try to get up-and-over a square edged rock with a drop-off on the other side? Doing it isn’t about “going for it” it’s about learning how to do it, and Jiro will teach you just that at the Rockville SESSIONS clinic – and a lot more!

Check out the Bikeskills Schedule for dates and times for the next SESSIONS clinic!


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