Rockville SESSIONS Clinic This Weekend

by robhoward on March 25, 2009

Ready to Take Your Riding to the Next level?  Want to add some rock gardening skills? Ready to Chute to Thrill? Improve your line selections? The Bikeskills SESSIONS Clinic at the Rockville Bike Park in Fairfield CA is the way to go! Join instructor Jiro Nakamura in this focused, two-hour course that is sure to increase your skills, confidence, and safety. Take a look at these photos from past SESSIONS clinics


Jiro Starting off with the basics: Line selection. One of the really great things about the trails at the Rockville Bike Park is that there are so many line options from beginner to full-on expert level.


A sweet set up at Rockville for complex trail challenges. There are several, complex trail challenges, like this one that will really help the intermediate to advanced rider improve their skills. This is a particularly good one: it’s got some nice size rocks, a quick drop-down, and a tight turn that requires getting lots of things right at the same time.


The “Big Up” tackles a confidence building chute at Rockville. Jiro was able to take the entire SESSIONS group down this one, including 60+ year-old Henry Miller who didn’t think he had it in him! He did, and we have pictorial proof.


Heading back to the base after a great SESSIONS clinic. One of the many cool things about the Rockville location is that it’s only five minutes or so from the parking lot to the main training area. That’s real nice when you’re hammered after tackling tough stuff for two hours straight!


Okay, so Jiro’s ready. Are you? For more information on the upcoming SESSIONS clinic at the Rockville Bike Park, you can click on the schedule, or, contact Jiro directly at We’ll see you Saturday!


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