WTB Adds Yet Another FREE Clinic: 11 April 2009!

by robhoward on April 2, 2009

WTB is doing it again! It appears that WTB is addicted to helping out mountain bikers. Whether it’s  the work they are doing to ensure trail access, creating cycling communting routes, or stepping up to help you become better, safer riders. WTB is there.  No one works harder to help our sport than WTB.   Read more about this sweet, FREE, clinic.

Ready to Add More Skills to Your Already Awesome Arsenal?

There are countless rock gardens, chutes, and challenges at the Rockville Bike Park.  It’s the perfect place, with the help of Bikeskills, to take your skills to a higher level.  Want to be more confident at Downieville this summer? Want to learn how to deal with a chute infested trail? Or, just learn how to read a line in a highly technical section of a trail? Check, check, check. The time is this Saturday at 11 a.m.  and the place is The Rockville Bike Park in Fairfield.

Wow! This could be You!All you have to do is get a hold of Jiro at Jiro@bikeskills.com  But you’ll have to do it soon because the slots are very limited. What are you waiting for?


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